Simple Childhood lessons to keep with you forever

This summer my darling grandchildren came to stay and taught me so many life lessons which sadly through the years I’ve let slip. I know I teach personal development but having my little ones to stay made me realise that I haven’t been practising what I teach enough!

Taught by Harrison (5yrs) and Olivia (3yrs)

  1. Let your emotions out – it’s so much healthier and you feel better.
  2. Don’t bear grudges – life’s too short so move on.
  3. Eat when you’re hungry and stop when you’re full – Listen to your body, it knows best.
  4. Say what you think – Everyone knows where they stand.
  5. Keep in touch with nature – it’s your best teacher.
  6. Plan ahead but be open to change – life’s an adventure.
  7. If you don’t know, ask – don’t worry what others think, they will probably respect you for it and if they don’t they don’t deserve your respect.
  8. Give hugs freely – then you will enjoy receiving them.
  9. Be eager to learn – you will absorb so much more.
  10. Be HERE now – don’t waste the moment you have been given.
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Learn To Value Yourself

It is said that teachers learn from their students and I would certainly endorse that and it is also said that the teacher teachers what they need to learn themselves. I couldn’t agree more. Supporting others in finding their strengths and skills has lead me to find my own.

From witnessing anothers, sometimes painful journey from a life of misery to a life of fulfillment has taught me to be grateful and appreciate my own. We can learn from each other if we open ourselves up to being available to learn.

The biggest lesson I’ve learned is to ‘value myself’.

By learning to value yourself you will discover that others start to value you too and those that don’t you will learn to either let go of or at least distance from.

I am constantly heartened at how powerful this lesson proves to be for people who have a very loud self critic. You have probably been criticising yourself for years so have become very good at it. Habits are hard to break but with determination and a drive for a better life, people do – with amazing results!

There are ways you can start to do this and I absolutely know (because I’ve witnessed it) that you will feel more positive about yourself and consequently attract more positive things into your life. Why not start today and keep a journal to record how you get on as writing things down is a very powerful lesson in itself.

6 Tips to Value Yourself

1. Daily Treats – Give yourself a treat which is just for you. This could be anything from having a soak in the bath, reading a favourite book, treating yourself to a coffee and cake or anything that you would consider a treat. Just make sure whatever you chose, it’s for YOU and ENJOY!

2. Give To Others – What you want back. Don’t wait to receive, give it first and why not start with a smile 🙂 Remember – those that can’t give one probably need one the most!

3. Become Your Best Friend – If you make friends with yourself you will certainly have learnt the lesson of self value. Imagine being attached to your worst enemy – not a good thought, but that’s what you do when you hate yourself! So make friends with yourself and become your biggest fan. You will attract others to value you too.

4. Me Time – Give yourself a realistic time which you can truly feel is yours. Even 10 mins of doing something that you chose is better than nothing. As you appreciate the value of me time you will want to expand it. This is a wonderful recipe for de-stressing!

5. Check Your Thoughts – If you catch yourself saying something negative add a positive comment on the end. E.g. ‘You are stupid’ ……add……’but not most of the time’ By correcting your negative self talk you will learn to start valuing yourself more.

6. Make A Meal For Yourself As If It Was For Your Best Friend – Plan it, dress for the occasion and serve it well. A truly ‘self value’ act………You Are Worth It!

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The Power of Groups

After hearing David Hamilton’s recent talk on ‘Is Your Life Mapped Out’ I was reminded of the power of our energy.  Working with groups I’m constantly aware of how contageous our thoughts and actions are.  One of my students recently brought his guitar to the class and dared to play a tune in the break.  This was quite amazing as he wouldn’t have considered doing this a few months ago.  The next week another student brought his guitar and also played and sang in the break.  The first student had empowered the second student and both gained confidence by supporting one another.  We are all vulnerable to each others energy and can empower or disempower each other so easily.  I love watching how people grow from supporting each other.

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The benefits of being INTUITIVE………………

At our last ‘Reach Your Potential’ by using your intuition meeting, we came up with the following benefits for using our intuition……………

  • Life become more ‘colourful’
  • Increases your sensitivity to others
  • Become more aware of your own needs
  • Gain confidence in your own decision making
  • Understand the value of dreams and focusing on a positive outcome
  • Live more in the NOW
  • Reduces stress and increase overall health and happiness.
  • No need to control outcomes or people!
  • Accept who you are……..where you are……..and why you are what you are!
    • Embrace change and welcome adventures
    • Accept others as they are…… are less judgemental
    • Enjoy life more
    • Understand that you cannot control others, but can ‘choose’ how to respond to them
    • Able to observe without absorbing
    • Recognise the importance of ‘self-value’
    • Enjoy your own space
    • Distance from negative energy
    • Tune into like- minded people and attract them to you
    • Enjoy ‘deep’ conversation and avoid idle chatter!
    • Awaken your creativity
    • Know the direction you need to go at any given moment
    • Develop a deep relationship with your spiritual nature
    • Recognise the steps to need to take to get your heart’s desire and achieve your goals

As you can see, using intuition is one of the best gifts that you can give to yourself and it is a useful way to help others as well!


So why wouldn’t you want to be INTUITUIVE?!!

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Watch your self talk

At our ‘Healthy Body….Healthy Mind’ session today our focus y was to ‘watch your self talk’ and Be grateful.

Tips for this week:

Write down what you want to bring into your life…….put it somewhere you can see it daily……….and read it aloud!

Write a gratful list and read it whenever you feel low or negative.

Take 5minutes each day to quietly visualise what you want to bring into your life…………imagine doing it/having it or being it.  This makes all the difference between wanting it and getting it!

Be Patient…….just because your life hasn’t changed now, it doesn’t mean it won’t.  Reflect on when you have acquired something you want /done something you wanted to do or received something you wanted to have.  What was you mind set before?

You MUST practise in order to have a different life.


Enjoy your week……..being grateful 🙂


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EQ vs IQ

At our last ‘Reach Your Potential’ meeting we explored just how ’emotionally intelligent’ we were.  Thankfully most were pleasantly surprised!  Emotional Intelligence is about recognising and managing your emotions and others emotions.  Easier said than done, but a mark of how far we have come with our own personal development. 

Here are a few questions you might like to ask yourself:

Do you find it difficult letting others know your feelings? 

Do you think its important to please people?

Do you avoid meeting new people and find it difficult to make friends?

Do you become embarrassed if you cry in public or if you see others cry?

Do you think life is always frustrating, complicated, rarely simple and easy?

Do you often feel guilty even though you haven’t done anything to feel guilty about?

Do you spend most of your time doing things you don’t want to do?

Do you have constant power struggles with people?

Do you often take things personally?

Do you find it hard to make changes in your life?

If you answer ‘Yes’ more than you answer ‘No’ then you may like to explore the subject further…………….:)

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Healthy Body……..Healthy Mind

Just back from another energising and relaxing session of Healthy Body…..Healthy Mind.  It was a combination of warming up, limbering up (well maybe a bit more……the lively music encouraged us all to go a bit wild!!)……followed by a group discussion about ways that we could quieten our busy minds especially from stressful thoughts. 

Tips for this week:

Write your worries down – decide when you can deal with them and write it in your diary.  This gives you permission to let go of them as you have now planned when you will deal with them.  It does work – try it!

Practise mindfulness – focus on an object for a few minutes without any other distractions.  It’s a great way for training the mind to quieten down.

Become aware of your breathing – spend some time focusing on it.  If you feel anxious try placing your hands on your chest or stomach to feel the breath coming in and going out.

Eat slower – enjoy your meals make them last longer.

Drink plenty of water – we all know that is good for us.

Get plenty of fresh air – not only will it make you feel good physically, it will also make you feel brighter mentally.

Have a great week. Anita :)X

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