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After training as a Nurse, Counsellor and a Trainer I discovered another passion – working with groups. Witnessing and being part of someone else’s personal journey is for me one of the most rewarding experiences I can have. Over the last 11 years I have been creating my own ‘brand’ of teaching and delivery and know from the feed-back I receive that the ingredients needed to enable another to grow are really so simple to give. I feel very privileged to have been given the insight from those who have travelled along very challenging paths to know what does and does not support them. Daring to truly listen, without judgement has enabled me to evolve as a trainer and I hope as a person as well. I have been and still am involved with working for an International Emergency Services Organisation, this has included working with the bereaved and also delivering training to airline staff and Police. As a result of this work I am more aware of how different cultures deal with a crisis in their life and appreciate how important it is to accept everyone needs to feel comfortable with how they express their thoughts and feelings. I arrived at a point in my life when I felt the nead to explore spirituality. Hence my love for ‘Intuition’ grew and I started to run ‘Developing Intuition’ courses followed quickly by many other Personal Development courses which I feel just as passionate about running now as I did when I began. I have reached thousands of people through my work as a trainer and counsellor and have run numerous personal development training courses and workshops, both privately and through various organisations, the subjects include Anxiety Management, Confidence Building & Self Esteem, Wellbeing for the Body and Mind and Approaching Change in a Positive Way plus many others. I have also organised and co-ordinated Exhibitions, Retreats and other Social Events. People come from all walks of life including mental health, hospital staff, recovering addicts, young mums, retired and the chronically ill and also individuals who want to experience their own personal journeys. I have recently released my first CD on relaxation and visualisations and also have produced a set of Intuition cards (based on the 28 lessons I learnt in New Zealand) taken from my very recently published book 'Awakening to the Power of Intuition' which includes my solo trip around New Zealand.

Simple Childhood lessons to keep with you forever

This summer my darling grandchildren came to stay and taught me so many life lessons which sadly through the years I’ve let slip. I know I teach personal development but having my little ones to stay made me realise that … Continue reading

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Learn To Value Yourself

It is said that teachers learn from their students and I would certainly endorse that and it is also said that the teacher teachers what they need to learn themselves. I couldn’t agree more. Supporting others in finding their strengths … Continue reading

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The Power of Groups

After hearing David Hamilton’s recent talk on ‘Is Your Life Mapped Out’ I was reminded of the power of our energy.  Working with groups I’m constantly aware of how contageous our thoughts and actions are.  One of my students recently … Continue reading

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The benefits of being INTUITIVE………………

At our last ‘Reach Your Potential’ by using your intuition meeting, we came up with the following benefits for using our intuition…………… Life become more ‘colourful’ Increases your sensitivity to others Become more aware of your own needs Gain confidence in … Continue reading

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Watch your self talk

At our ‘Healthy Body….Healthy Mind’ session today our focus y was to ‘watch your self talk’ and Be grateful. Tips for this week: Write down what you want to bring into your life…….put it somewhere you can see it daily……….and … Continue reading

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EQ vs IQ

At our last ‘Reach Your Potential’ meeting we explored just how ’emotionally intelligent’ we were.  Thankfully most were pleasantly surprised!  Emotional Intelligence is about recognising and managing your emotions and others emotions.  Easier said than done, but a mark of how far we … Continue reading

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Healthy Body……..Healthy Mind

Just back from another energising and relaxing session of Healthy Body…..Healthy Mind.  It was a combination of warming up, limbering up (well maybe a bit more……the lively music encouraged us all to go a bit wild!!)……followed by a group discussion about ways that we could quieten our … Continue reading

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